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About childhood is about going back to where you grew up and your memories from childhood. What do you actually remember? And what about all those things that happened that you cannot remember? One could say that the memory of a distant past may be blurry. Susan Sontag wrote that photographs are like soundbites - bits and pieces put together to form a complet(er) picture.


This project is about the little soundbites, or shall I call them photobites, from my childhood. I was often out in the nature so the visual imagages are a result from this. It's about the things that make the archipelago in the Finnish south my childhood - the sea, the birch trees, the smell, the wind.


The 'about childhood' project is strongly influenced by the German photographer Uta Barth.

In the Limbo project I have tried to explore the feeling of being in a limbo - not really knowing where you are, in what direction you are moving and what is coming. Inspiration for this came from when I worked with asylum seekers at Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre. Many of the asylum seekers said, without me asking, that they found this in-between state waiting for your decision (which can take several years) really hard. They did not know where their next home would be: if their application is turned down they would be sent back to their country of origin, and if the application is approved they would be sent to a third country.

Dry the River is a documentary landscape project exploring the complexity of a contested space, the Turia Gardens - referring to notions on space, representation, the truth and the everyday. The project tracks the development of a dry riverbed in Valencia, which has been turned into a park and recreation grounds. It follows the ongoing journey of local people from past to present and looks towards an uncertain future.


Using own photographs mixed with found items, texts, archival materials and postcards, a complex collection of voices emerges in the book.