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About Schönholzer Heide and its Hidden Histories (Dennoch Köstlich Amüsiert)



The public park Schönholzer Heide in Pankow, Berlin hosted in the past a castle, a fair ground, a film studio, a mulberry plantation, a health retreat, a nazi labour camp, war bunkers, a theatre, a public bath, a dumping ground, among other things. Today, if you know where to look you can find traces of these past activities in the park. You can still find remains from the castle and other buildings and constructions in the park. The park is used today for recreation and hosts graveyards as well as an adventure playground and a Soviet war memorial. More detailed history here.


‘Bolle reiste jüngst zu Pfingsten’ is one of the most known folk songs using Berlin dialect. The song is about a person called Bolle who visited the Lunapark amusement park and got into all sorts of trouble. Despite this he enjoyed himself  (‘Dennoch Köstlich Amüsiert’).


The stories are told using photographs, archival materials, found materials and montage. The project has been funded by the local government of Pankow, Berlin.

Heidetheater_004_1000x800_web Lunapark_Lunalager_009_collage_1000x800_web Schloss_Filmatelier_005_1000x800_web

Lunapark - Amusement park and Lunalager - Nazi Labour Camp (montage)

Schönholz Castle

Heide Theatre

Lunapark_Lunalager_017_2_1000x800_web Koniginplantage_Friedhof_Tennis_011_1000x800_web Walderholungsstatten_015_1000x800_web

Lunapark - Amusement park and Lunalager - Nazi Labour Camp

Mulberry plantation, tennis court and graveyard


Health Retreat

Friedhof_022_1000x800_web 019_1000x800_web Wald_029_1000x800_web


Shooting Range


_MG_7013_sq_1000x1000_web Bad_015_web Rodelbahn_031_1000x800_web Wald_016_1000x800_web


Public Bath

Sledding Hill


Koniginplantage_Friedhof_Tennis_026_1000x800_web Kriegsbunker_033_1000x800_web Koniginplantage_Friedhof_Tennis_010_1000x800_web

Mulberry plantation, tennis court and graveyard

Mulberry plantation, tennis court and graveyard

War bunker